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Remzibi Poor Man's OSD + Ublox GPS module + APM/MWC/ARKBIRD/Rabbit/Pirate TTL Cable Adapter Module for program FPV

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    Technical Data of FPV Remzibi Poor Man's OSD :- Supply power requirement: 7V-14V (ie: 2S or 3S Lipo)- Video voltage measurment range 0-15V- Engine(ENG) voltage measurment range 0-30V- General purpose ADC measurment - Build your own or use off the shelf components for many advanced readings - ie. Temperature, Amps, Air Speed, Prop Speed, RSSI, etc.- Video signals - standard PAL or NTSC- GPS - any GPS 5V supply with NMEA protocol with TLL standard TX RX signals (however best results and advantages are with dedicated GPS module working 5Hz update position)- Weight : 42 gram - Printed OSD board size 39mm*54mm  Features of FPV Remzibi Poor Man's OSD:- PC connection for configuration/calibration purposes using dedicated PC program- No need for a free channel on your receiver for OSD to function- GPS detection and configuration automaticaly- Home autosave function configurable based on number of satelites - button "save home" works independently- Metric(km/h) or feet(MPH) units - configurable- Zero altitude to airfield level - configurable- Fully configurable screen layout (no more cropped off data around the screen border like some other OSD's)- Graphical symbols and fonts configurable (Font editor for creating your own symbols and characters)- Voltages calibration function and all ADC inputs including alarms- Frequency calibration for Hz or RPM (gain definable)- PC configuration software includes GPS emulator for testing and setup purposes.- Language Editor - Currently available in English, Polish and French. Simple to use langauge editor can be used to translate to any other language. Button function:- Save home position (short click)- Video mode change (NTSC or PAL) press and hold button for about 1 second- Programming mode (pressed when conecting to power) for PC communication Features of GPS:- Main chip: U-BLOX could modify and solidify baud rate- Locating function: <2.5m[Autonomous][50%]- Speed rate: <0.1m/s; direction: <0.5Degrees- Timing accuracy: 30ns- Reference coordinate system: WGS-84- Max. altitude: 50000m- Max. speed: 500m/s- Acceleration: <4g- Cold start: 32s in average- Warm start: 32s in average- Hot start: 1s in average- Operation temperature: -40° to +85°- Wide voltage range: Main power: +3.3V~+5.5V, RTC power- Location update: 1Hz~5Hz(default 5Hz,200ms)- Data rate: 9600bps~ 115200 bps (default 38400 bps) Package Included:- 1*Remzibi OSD main chip- 1*TTL cable(93cm)- 1*GPS Module- 1*Reflection board- 1*Support rod- 1*M3 screw- 1*Output cable For GOPRO HERO3(23.3cm)- 1*Output cable For GOPRO HERO2(42cm)- 1*Output cable For Video signal(31.5cm)- 1*cable For GPS out (30.5cm) 

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